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Wine Plait

Find the hidden gems. Drink better wine.

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Beer Plait

Embark on your beer quest. Beer different.

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Organic Plait

Hungry for better? Eat cleaner with Plait.

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Malta Plait

Cure your homesickness. Get a piece of Malta anywhere.

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What is Plait?

Plait is the first subscription box company in Malta. We select the best products and deliver a crate of them to your door so that you can discover the best stuff without leaving home. We currently prepare distinct crates of Wine, Beer, Organic produce, and Maltese packaged food.

When do Plait subscriptions renew?

Wine and Beer Plaits renew monthly i.e. 1 box every month, Malta Plaits renew bimonthly i.e. 1 box every 2 months, and Organic subscriptions for 2 boxes per month (biweekly) and 4 boxes per month (weekly) renew monthly.

When will my Plait crate be delivered?
Wine, Beer, Malta Plaits:

Buy a subscription or gift before the 21st of the month and you’ll get that month’s Plait delivered to your doorstep on the next Monday or Thursday. Order after the 21st and you'll receive your first Plait in our regularly scheduled delivery during the first week of the next month. We’ll let you know of your exact delivery date by email, but for local deliveries, you can accept your Plait crate between 7pm and 9pm. Malta Plaits take around 4–8 days to get to EU countries after being shipped.

Organic Plait:

Both one-off and subscription crates are delivered every Monday and Thursday. For subscription crates, you will be able to choose between regular Monday or regular Thursday deliveries. Deliveries are carried out between 7pm and 9pm to make sure you’re home.

Will I be notified of my delivery date?

Yes. You will be notified of your exact delivery date by email, and we will remind you by SMS on the morning before delivery, and again a few hours before delivery.

What value do I get from Plait?
Wine & Beer Plaits:

We choose a variety of the best wine and beer products which are usually unavailable from regular shops and only available from restaurants or bars at a much higher price.

Malta Plait:

Malta Plaits contain their value in retail price of items, so that a €50 Malta Plait contains €50 in value. A price list is included with the crate.

Organic Plait:

Organic is only slightly more expensive than non-organic produce, and and we think it’s worth investing in your health through certified organic, pesticide-free produce. Our prices also include home delivery.

How can I be sure my produce is Certified Organic?

Plait is Certified Organic by MCCAA with Registration number MT-ORG-01 D014. The produce is grown on Certified Organic fields which are audited regularly by MCCAA to ensure the produce contains no pesticides. The crates also come with the Certified Organic label.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery is free in Malta for Wine, Beer, and Organic Plaits. Malta Plait delivery costs €10 for all box sizes to all EU countries, but is currently unavailable for delivery in Malta.

Do you deliver to Gozo?

Not yet, sorry! But we’ll be starting deliveries to Gozo this July 2017, so stay tuned. Let us know if you'd like us to inform you when we start Gozo deliveries by dropping us a line on or on Facebook messenger.

When will I be rebilled?

Rebilling for subscriptions takes place on the 27th of each month. We will always send you an email a day before to remind you.

What if I want to take a break for a month?

Just head over to your Account page, press Edit on your subscription, then click Skip Next Renewal to skip the next month so that you won’t be rebilled. You will get a confirmation by email when the request has been successful.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel anytime, for free – very easily. Just head over to your Account page, press Edit on your subscription, then click Cancel Subscription. You will get a confirmation by email once the order has been cancelled.

What if I get rebilled by mistake?

Just let us know as soon as possible and we’ll refund the money – we don’t want to charge you for a Plait you don’t want!

What if I want to get a Plait only once to try it out?

Subscriptions can be cancelled at any time, without any commitment at all. So, if you want to try it out, go ahead and subscribe – and if you don’t like it (though we’re sure you will!) you can cancel at any time. We’ll let you know of your next re-billing date anyway, and will refund you if you meant to cancel but forgot – there’s no catch.

What is the difference between gifts and subscriptions?

Subscriptions are re-billed on a month-to-month basis, while Gifts are paid upfront for 1, 2, or 3 months – so that the person receiving the gift will have it paid for. The best gifts are those that keep on giving ;)

Can I change my address details?

Sure. Just head over to your Account page, and press Edit in the shipping address section – your subscription address will update automatically. You can also add another address, and then press Edit on your subscription and select the new address from the dropdown menu.

Can I change my subscription to a larger/smaller size?

Of course. Head over to your Account page, and press Edit on your subscription and choose the new product. You’ll be billed according to the new price of your order the following month.